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Approximately 80% of businesses that have to close due to fire damage never re-open again, with this in mind it is essential that you protect your premises with a reliable and effective fire alarm system. At Pegasus Fire & Security we have a broad range of experience working with and installing fire alarm systems for companies across Staffordshire and the midlands.

At Pegasus we specialise in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a wide range of fire alarm systems, ensuring that whatever sector you’re in and however high your risk, we have a fire alarm system that will provide you with the most protection. Our expert and highly qualified team will assess your premises and design a system that’s right for you.

Whatever your fire alarm or fire safety equipment needs, we can provide you with a cost effective and reliable service.

Our fire alarm installation and commissioning services are second to none and will ensure that when we leave your property, no aspect of your safety has been over looked. We only supply the highest quality equipment and fire alarm systems from the leading manufacturers, so we can guarantee a long lasting, reliable and professional system. We also offer non-contractual servicing as well as maintenance contracts, to keep you fully protected at all times and ensure that your fire alarm continues to function perfectly for years to come.

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Fire Alarms and Fire Alarm Systems designed, supplied and installed for Homes & Businesses in Stoke-on-Trent Pegasus Fire & Security for your peace of mind

Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarm Servicing

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is required to be tested at regular intervals. We will attend and advise you of a service routine that suits you and your building requirements. This can be annually or more frequently if required.

Emergency lighting can be ‘maintained’, i.e. on all the time, or ‘non-maintained’, i.e. normally off and only operates when the normal lighting fails. Emergency lights should operate for one, two or three hours, depending on the application but in practice most emergency lights are three hour. Emergency lights will also provide some use in the premises during a power failure other than in an emergency situation.

Whatever type of emergency lighting you already have in place, we can provide maintenance plans to suit.

Fire Alarm Servicing
Maintaining the effectiveness and functionality of your premises fire alarms is not only a legal requirement if you are a business owner, but helps to save lives and protect your family and colleagues if properly maintained. At Pegasus Fire & Security we offer an annual fire alarm check and service including the following:-

Comprehensive Fire Alarm maintenance service
Detailed test report
Compliance certificate
In accordance with BS5839
Fully qualified and accredited engineers to carry out the service

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